Friday, July 27, 2012

I am loving it....

I really like the idea in the movies when they weave the story going back and forth adding spice to the story ,playing with flashback.... I am quiet a muvie buff and hence the slice of life which is presented on 70 mm screen greatly intrigues me. When directors speak that movie should connect with the audience, I stand a testimony to their claim.

Seeing Slumdog Millionaire invoked in me great many ideas but the most important thing that i related with was that the protanginst always had a real life story related to the questions asked and to the replies he gave. I find myself travelling into the same boat. I wonder if my life is more intersteing and adventerous than others? If it is, then be it....I like it that way!

Though I have umpteen incidents that I can cite here, but I would only stick to today's...

I am based out of Bangalore and is presently travelling to Chennai...I find train journeys really exciting; where air travel makes you cover great distances in short span of time, train journeys allow you to take time of your busy schedule, know people, talk to them and provide you all the time to do so in an anticipation of reaching the deestination. I have often observed people during their travel through train are more receptive and look forward to talk unlike travellers of air, who would often get engaged in their fancy gadgets with the ear plugged to ipods, creating and enjoying their own bubble space.

Bangalore to Chennai is precisely 5 hours of travel and Shatabadi is usually on time. With bangalore you are never sure with the traffic, so people advise to take a healthy margin I result I landed myself at Majestic 1 hour prior to the train's scheduled time. Given my talkative nature, I always find someone to talk to ...I met this female who happen to servicing the same industry as I the converstaion grew one question that is surely asked is so how are you finding Bnagalore( people I am from North)....this question always makes it way whether you are in office, or with friends, or with total starngers the case today...

People I have to admit that I have spend considerable time in Maximum City, our financial capital and in Delhi, dill walaon ki dilli( so much so ki her koi apne dil ke darshan karane ko tyaar rehta hai...pls dont read this as any kind of hatred topwrads the city...Delhi ki baat hi kuch aur hai!) but the balance in terms of attitude and professionalism i find here has made me surrender my heart to the city. Clean city, beautiful climate and educated crowd just makes Bnagalore irrestible...I have to live here to expereinece it yourself!

Talking of Banglaore reminds me of an incident some 2 months back... accompanied by my husband at 4 in the morning ( which i literally midnight for both of us)...we were at the outskirts of the city when the petrol indicator indicated towards a long misery that we were about to witness...I have to tell you here that everything closes in Bangalore by 11, if not earlier, not a soul in vicinity except the sleeping truck drivers and petrol pump some 15 kms scared shit out of me...waiting there for almost 15 mins, we realised the dawn has started breaking, a view that both of us really unfamilair too,must have seen this time in school days during boards, however...few souls that get up early and travel up and down to the city for their living started passing my amazement people, who were not lieterally pressed on time, stopped themselves to offer help, the first one was an elderly guy on scooter, but unfortunately you cant suck out petrol from it, next was a guy on luna who though had all bonafide intention yet couldn't help...feeling the guilt of unable to help he stopped and started stopping the people on bike asking in regional took us good 45 minutes to buy half a liter of petrol..pulled out from somebody' s bike...that man charmed me that day!

I don't use smartphone as I have butterfingers...but that very moment for the first time I felt the need of one...i so wanted to share of how places make to throw the old age wisdom that everyone in NORTH is taught right from the day they start going to pre-nursery school...dont talk to strangers, dont stop for them, dont hear them and never take anything from them...Bnaglaore made me rewrite that convention( though I have never been a good follower)...

and yes I replied to that unknown stranger that I love Bangalore and have no intention of leaving any soon...u have no fear in the night, you can waer as much gold as you want without even the slightest worry that it will get robbed por snatched, people( except the governemnt employees) are honest to the core...

Travelling on this journey as I peep out of the window, mesmerizing greenery, brightly colored houses, honest simple people does inspire you to to be simple and honest(atleast to yourself)...I am glad we could experinence this for whatever time our destiny decides ....

On the sojourn...I am most satisfied...ready to experinece more the city has to offer..

Amazing city Bangalore
How do you say" Finder Keeper, Loser Weeper"!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chronicles of 13k

I am a working professional for whom work of late has been a bit hectic .The day sweeps by before you realize.Despite being so occupied something felt a serious amiss in life. It just seems life has turned too mundane with nothing much in the day that is "retain worthy as a memory". Not that job at work has become stagnant but I am one of those who for whom life lies in 'the beyond'...there must be more to life than work! Happy realization:P

But the next question that hounds the mind is what should that activity be that can help me break free from the boredom of the regular?SHould a new hobby be pursued or is it time to revisit some old hobby? And what better start than first love:D

Great but what to write is another question that needs to be combated...Commuting 26km everyday from work to home lays open the wide buffet of different delicasies that you can choose,pick and succeeding posts would be "Chronicles of 13 kms" event/episode/incident that the day presents that left a mark that day or probably thereafter too.

Me happy...getting back to my first crush! Hope the reunion is explosive;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Building Castles in Air

Lost in the Labyrinth,
In an attempt to reach the zenith,
For here I behold my dream
Too distant it initially seemed
But a dream however be distant
Is not fallible
Unless one gives up the heart,
After all it is not the path one charts

It is the will to achieve
In the way whatever hurdle one receives
Labyrinth is but an illusion
Loss of focus being the only diversion
for somebody once told me,
"It is not bad to build castles in air,
But it is important to build foundations under them"

My castle is ready
My dream is made
As I reach out today
The building of foundation awaits!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


problems people dread.....but lets have a fresh persepctive...quite inspiring indeed....PROBLEMS my prof said ,are nothing but Proposed Roadblocks offering Beneficial Learning that enhances Mental!! Next time i shall await a problm with double the interest and anxiety:=0)